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Explosives accused was preparing for 'zombie apocalypse'

16 Jan,2020


A man caught with what was feared to be improvised explosive devices claimed he was preparing for a "zombie apocalypse".

A court heard James Carson, 35, was arrested after a raid on his flat in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute.

At the High Court in Glasgow he admitted a charge under the Explosive Substances Act and having an air rifle without a firearms certificate.

Bomb disposal experts responded to the alert in December 2018.

Police seized a number of "devices" consisting of cardboard tubes wrapped in cling film with green wire sticking out the top.

They also discovered a plastic toy box wrapped in tape which held cables, batteries and a wooden peg which had been packaged together.

Prosecutor Owen Mullan told the court: "Officers were concerned the items - particularly the tubes - were, in fact, improvised explosive devices (IEDs)."

Experts found the tubes held ball bearings, a safety fuse and parts from fireworks described as "low explosives".

As a search continued, other items at Carson's home were also discovered including wire connectors and detonators.

These were described as "components" relevant in the use of IEDs.

'Something disastrous'

The court heard any possible explosion would result in the ball bearings ejecting from the tubes risking injury to anyone nearby.

Police also found an air rifle fitted with an item designed to increase "velocity" of the weapon.

Carson later admitted he had bought fireworks as he was gathering "certain items" in case of "something disastrous" occurring.

Mr Mullan added: "In that event, he would be able to look after himself and his partner.

"He described the explosives as being fireworks that had fallen apart and he tried to put them back together.

"When asked what sort of event, he said it was 'like a nuclear disaster or zombie apocalypse...something like that."

Carson said the items were to be a "deterrent" should the couple have to "camp out somewhere" and added he he had no intention of harming anyone else.

Lady Stacey remanded him in custody pending sentencing next month.

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