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Emerson’s Bearings Capable of Enduring Harsh Conditions

17 Jan,2020


Sealmaster offers paver bearings designed to withstand abrasive paving conditions and asphalt materials. A four-barrier seal technology protects the bearing’s inner components from contaminants. The barrier, comprising a ductile iron end cap, rotating shield, self-adjusting washer and high-temperature seal, keeps asphalt from forcing its way into the bearing, filters out asphalt particles, withstands high temperatures, and resists asphalt erosion. "Today’s asphalt materials can cause serious damage to bearings, but seal technology gives Sealmaster paver bearings longer life and better performance, " says Kevin Mues, senior staff engineer for Paver Bearings, Emerson Power Transmission. According to the company’s press release, each Sealmaster paver bearing features a heavy-duty housing and high-strength, brass retainer. Factory lubrication is chosen to best fit bearing operation conditions.

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